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Our system evaluates the security of your password under the strictest parameters.

Has my password been hacked?

Our system will compare your password among lists of hundred thousands of hacked passwords.

Secure Password Generator

Our secure password generation system will provide you with virtually unbreakable passwords.

Maximum protection

The importance of your password security should be a vital part of your online life.

Imagine for a moment that some hacker or automatic program gets your email password, an email that you use to retrieve the password of any social network, online store or service you use on the Internet.

If the hacker gets hold of your email password, he could change your email password, first leaving you without access to your email and then making requests to recover and change your password on all social networks and services.

He, the hacker, will receive and read in your email the new passwords, you will no longer have access to your email and in less than a few hours you could lose access to all your online accounts, to your online life.

You must have a sufficiently secure password so that it cannot be broken by brute force or other techniques.

Our powerful webapp provides you with easy tools to check the technical strength of your password as well as multiple tips to make your digital life as secure as possible.

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